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Why opt for the latest brow services like microblading in Lash n Brow by KT

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

Do you really enjoy grooming your eyebrows, especially those thinning ones? Drawing a perfect pair of eyebrows is a big deal indeed. It takes a lot of time and still things can get horribly wrong! You might be thinking that if you could really get a permanent solution to this. Well, it is actually possible!! Have you heard of the semi-permanent brow services in NYC?

It may seem like no matter how many potions and lotions you try, you just can’t naturally grow a thick and wider pair. However, this is where the semi-permanent makeup solutions such as microblading can make a radical difference. Not convinced yet? In the following passages, we are going to be discussing why investing in the latest brow services is all worth it.

What Is Microblading?

Before we move on to the advantages of microblading your eyebrows, let’s first learn what it actually means and what this process entails. In a way, this brow service is a type of tattooing.

Brow technicians start with the general prep and then they apply a numbing cream. The artist will use a unique pen made specifically for the microblading process. They will draw hair-like strokes on your brows to get them a beautiful desired and suitable shape.

You can have a customized color that matches that of your existing brows. And in the end, you get a natural-looking and fully flattering pair of eyebrows that will improve your overall face profile.

The entire process takes, more or less, two hours and it lasts up to two years! However, you may have to go for a few touch-up sessions to maintain the initial grace.

The Benefits of Microblading

Filling in the gaps

It fills in the gaps in the brows making it look thicker in a pleasant way. A person whether having a thin and unattractive pair eyebrows or suffering from alopecia or worried about the side effects of chemotherapy – microblading has a solution for all!!!

Results Are pretty Long-Lasting

Why many of the people were became interested in microblading in the first place is because it offers a long-lasting brow solution. Once you are done with your microblading session, they are going to last for 6 months to 2 years depending on skin types and conditions.

Zero Recovery Time

Yes, there is a recovery process associated with microblading your brows. But there’s little to no downtime required.

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