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After Care for Microblading / PMU


*Color Fades about 40-50% for Brows and about 50-70% for Lips Once Healed.

*Redness Right After is due to blood circulation and blood at the surface of the skin.


  • Wipe away excess lymph fluid that is dripping. Lymph fluid occurs anytime there is open skin and can happen for brows or lips. You may or may not experience this, but if you do you must wipe it off the skin.

  • Do not allow this fluid to harden into thicker scabs, which will pull out chunks of color unevenly.

       (*For Lips, reapply thin layer of ointment after each wipe. *For Brows, just wipe and keep DRY).


  • There will be an epithelial crust that forms in the days following the procedure. This crust is a combination of dried pigment and plasma that forms externally.

  • It is important that you do not pick it. Picking the crust will result in a loss of pigment.

  • The crust will fall off naturally within a few days.

  • For the first few days following the procedure, the area will feel similar to that of a sunburn. A topical ointment can help soothe the area.

  • Apply antibiotic ointment twice daily. This will soothe the area, keeping it moist and helping it heal properly.


  • DO NOT touch the treated area unless applying ointment. No scratching, rubbing, or picking of the treated area

  • Be cautious around the area (such as pulling clothing over your head)

  • DO NOT apply makeup, skincare products, soaps, facewashes, exfoliants, creams, sprays, etc. or anything to prevent infection, irritation, clogged pores, inflammation, or strippage of color until healed.

  • DO NOT pick at scabs, peel off the shedding skin in any way during the full healing process. If you do, you will also take away color and interfere with the results. Itching is normal - Anytime skin heals, there is itchiness.

  • DO NOT scratch!

  • DO NOT sleep on them.

  • DO NOT wet area for 7 days.

  • NO hot steaming showers or direct water spray. Sweat and Steam are bad for color retention!!!

  • No working out for 3 days minimum, and the rest of the week stick to sweat-less weights or light yoga and stretching.

  • DO NOT expose your healing skin to direct sun (3-4 weeks or until fully healed), tanning beds (1 month) hot tubs, saunas, steam, salt water, chlorinated pools.

  • Apply ointment 1 - 3 times a day on treated area until peeling comes off; normally 5 to 7 days. (Again do not peel the area yourself, let this fall off naturally)

  • Follow with antibiotic ointment for one week

  • Touch up may be done after 21 days(3 weeks), however its best to wait 4 - 6 weeks.



  • Simply keep totally dry and after 7 weeks apply your regular moisturizer if dry.


  • Reapply ointment every 3-4 hours after excess lymph fluid stops dripping within the first 24 hours.

  • Reapply ointment this way, letting lips dry in between applications, for the rest of the week.

  • Apply ointment before brushing teeth, taking showers, or washing other areas of the face.

  • AVOID any staining foods like red wine, soy sauce, black coffee, or strongly colored foods. Sour, spicy, hot, acidic foods will irritate your lips.

  • When brushing teeth, use less toothpaste and spit frequently.

  • CUT food and place gently in mouth. Avoid greasy or saucy foods during healing.


  • Soreness usually only lasts for a few hours afterwards. There should be no persistent, redness, pain, swelling, or pus on the area. If so, please consult your physician.

  • Infections are RARE due to disposable needles and products used during the procedure. You are responsible for seeking medical attention. For Cold Sores or Other Clogs and Bumps, consult your physician. (Most of the time, it cause Because of the clients' conditions that day or lower immunse conditions)

Once Your Tattoo is Healed:

  •  use at least SPF 15 or 30 daily for best longterm results and avoid exfoliating your tattoo with facials or home scrubs and acids/retinols/etc. 




  • DO NOT PICK OR TOUCH THE EYELINER TATTOO - Picking or peeling the eyeliner scabs will result in poor color retention and raw skin, and possible bacterial infection.

  • DO NOT WET the eyeliner tattoo as much as possible. Avoid direct water contact in the shower or while washing your face. Avoid hot water and steam during bathing for the next 7 days to prevent opening your pores/causing some of the pigment to sweat out.


***The final results heal 20-40% lighter than the day you got them done.

The darkness of the first few days is followed by peeling/scabbing and a few days of patchiness. Color looks uneven, light and dark, during this time.

When ALL of the scabs have fallen off, it takes another week or so for the color to settle in. I put a lot of color in during the procedure, so if the skin does not retain a desired amount of color, you should come in for a touchup.

I cannot control how much color your skin chooses to absorb, or how evenly it heals to a certain extent.

Most procedures require a touchup to fix inconsistencies and perfect what was done the first time. Minor adjustments in shaping are possible at a touchup.

***Eyeliner is the MOST DIFFICULT technique due to client’s pain level fluctuation, sensitive eye area, and the need for layering the pigment multiple times/skin rejection of pigments sometimes but is so beautiful when healed properly.

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