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Lash Tint / Brow Tint

Lash Tint                                                $40

Lower Lash Tint (Add-on)                  $10

Brow Tint                                              $30

Brow Tint (Add-on)                            $20

Hybrid Brow Tint                                $50

Hybrid Brow Tint (Add-on)               $40

Hybrid Brow Tint + Shaping                 $60

Hybrid Brow Tint + Shaping(Add-on) $50

Henna Brows + Shaping                       $80

Henna Brows + Shaping (Add-on)      $70

Henna Brows                                           $70


Henna Brows (Add-on)                         $60


Brow Shaping(Add-on)                 $15

Lip waxing (Add-on)                      $12 


* Waxing/Brow shaping services are only additional services for existing clients who get eyelash extensions, lash lift, or brow lamination on the same day in our salon.

** Otherwise, we are not taking clients for only waxing.

*Importand Policy

-All of the clients must file their card info. for  the late cancelation/ no-show fee.

 (we are not charging, system just holds the info.)

-The late cancelation / No-show fee will apply regardless of COVID-19.

- We are very appointment based only.

- We are not taking walk-ins at all.

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